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Rob Atkin-House

Principal Associate


Rob has many years of experience in planning law in private practice advising a range of private and public sector clients on all aspects of planning, highways and compulsory purchase law with a particular focus on general development and real estate finance.

Rob has most recently been in-house counsel for Populo Living, the London Borough of Newham's wholly owned development company.

Over his last four years as General Counsel Rob has used his extensive knowledge of planning law to provide legal advice and to ensure that all external consultants and solicitors were effectively managed. In addition to this, Rob garnered many new management and wider skills to oversee development projects, providing general planning law advice and securing leases, including JVs and Development Management Services, dealing with CIL requirements, establishing a registered provider subsidiary through the registration process with the regulator, moving the group of companies toward teckal compliance, managing board recruitment, assessing board skills, recruitment of non-executive directors, overseeing a diversity audit and inclusion drive, appointing and novating all consultant appointments, reviewing contractual agreements, negotiating deeds of variation, dealing with contractual disputes, completing several s.106 agreements; liaising with London Underground & TFL, granting leases and licences; advising on rights of light, drafting policies and procedures, assisting in recruitment and formulating a business plan.

Rob was also responsible for all Board and governance requirements and was the Executive lead on the communications and the diversity working group, Customer Services, and HR.

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