Sandra is an associate within the counter fraud group. She deals with low velocity impacts, staged and induced collisions, exaggerated claims, bogus passengers and no knowledge claims.  She currently acts on behalf of numerous bus and coach firms.  

Sandra has had numerous success at court in findings of fundamental dishonesty and applications to set aside QOCS thereby recovering the client’s costs.

Sandra also specialises in recovery of monies from claimants whose claims have been struck out, discontinued or lost at trial. This can include charging orders placed on peoples properties, attachment of earnings, involvement of the High Court Enforcement Officers, statutory demands and bankruptcy proceedings. 


Insights “The most fundamentally dishonest case …”

HHJ Roberts described the first claimant’s case as “the most fundamentally dishonest case” that he had ever heard.

Insights Stacey Walker v West Midlands Police – Coventry County Court 19 February 2018

Fraud, LVI, Exaggeration and a finding of fundamental dishonesty

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