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Company law and corporate governance

UK company law can be complex, involving a mixture of statutory provisions, regulations and codes of practice. It is vital that corporations large and small understand and can demonstrate compliance.

We offer advice on general corporate law compliance and corporate governance to public and private companies and limited liability partnerships, including advice to companies and boards on the Companies Acts and related regulations.

We advise on conflicts of interest, self dealing, director’s duties and shareholders rights and the drafting of company’s articles and other constitutional documents to ensure compliance with the Companies act and relevant codes of conduct.  Given the rise in litigation and in shareholder activism it’s more important than ever that boards understand their duties and powers and that articles and other governing documents are carefully drafted and align to actual  and best practice in the way in which an organisation is actually run. 

We provide a bespoke boardroom training service to corporates both public and private on these issues and related matters including as to the availability of and limits to Directors and Officer’s insurance.

Public sector

Governance is a key area of concern for all public and quasi public sector bodies, local authorities, universities, charities, registered providers, police authorities, fire and rescue authorities and health trusts.

We can help you adapt to new legislative requirements, best practice and Corporate Performance Assessment achievement and bring together governance, internal control, risk management, legal awareness and compliance in the way that suits you best. We offer comprehensive in house training on corporate governance and directors duties.

Our depth of knowledge throughout the public sector enables us to provide in-depth advice on joint working arrangements. As a major national practice, we can draw on the special expertise of our corporate team to help you set up partnerships, joint ventures and innovative structures for joint service delivery. Our public sector governance advice offers a joined up seamless service such that corporate structures are consistent with regulatory, procurement and state aid considerations.

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