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Bespoke immigration training What you need to know about the new points based immigration system

Our training focuses on the practicalities of navigating through the new points based system and addresses the issues encountered when sponsoring a migrant worker. We focus on what matters to you.

We create bespoke immigration training sessions to focus on sector and/or business specific issues covering the following areas:

  1. The new points based immigration system — is it really new?
  2. What are the key changes?
    • General salary threshold reducing from £30,000 to £25,600 – What impact will this have?
    • Trading points – How does this work in practice?
    • What can be included in ‘salary’?
    • Change in skills threshold from RQF6 (graduate level) to RQF3 (A Level) – What jobs can now be sponsored?
    • The Resident Labour Market Test – Is it really gone?
    • The shortage occupation list – How can this work to your advantage?
    • What is coming next?
    • Alternatives to the Skilled Worker Visa
  3. Right to work changes in 2021
    • The lacuna for EU citizens between 31 December 2020 and 30 June 2021 – What can you do to reduce the risks?
    • On-line right to work checks
  4. Answers to frequently asked questions

We also carry out mock compliance audits to ensure that you are fully compliant and prepared for any UKVI visit.

Having already delivered training to organisations in preparation for the new points based system, we know our training ensures staff and relevant departments are confident, compliant and fully understand the new points based system.

As is the case with any change, the new points based system may take some time for businesses to adjust to. However, time may not be on your side. Staying ahead of the game to secure the breadth of talent in the labour market may be business critical – so getting up to speed on the new points based system is a necessity.

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