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On 23 June 2016 the UK electorate voted that the UK should leave the EU. The process of leaving was commenced by invoking Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union on 29 March 2017. As a result, the UK was due to leave the EU on 31 March 2019 but a last minute extension of time from the EU was granted, meaning the new date for Brexit was set for 31 October 2019.

Whilst a withdrawal deal was agreed between the UK and EU, this was not ratified by the UK Parliament prior to 31 October 2019. Subsequently, a further extension of time for Brexit has been granted until 31 January 2020.

Until the terms of the UK’s exit are finalised, there will inevitably be a period of uncertainty with a great deal of emphasis on the nature of the UK’s ongoing relationship with the EU post-Brexit. There will likely be a number of impacts for all sectors of UK business.

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