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Top 10 innovation tips for making cybersecurity a strategic asset

Helping you turn cybersecurity from a cost centre into a suite of strategic assets for your organisation

1. Use cybersecurity as a differentiator

Organisations can use their strong cyber security posture as a competitive advantage, highlighting their commitment to protecting customer data and building trust with stakeholders

2. Leverage cybersecurity data for business insights

Cybersecurity teams can provide valuable insights to other parts of the organisation, such as identifying trends in customer behaviour or vulnerabilities in product design

3. Incorporate cybersecurity into product design

Building security into your product or service process from the beginning can help reduce the risks of vulnerabilities and help your products and services stand out in the market.

4. You cybersecurity is a tool for regulated compliance

Compliance with regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA can be a major challenge for organisations but a strong cybersecurity posture can help ensure compliance and avoid brand damage from reprimands and fines

5. Create cybersecurity-focused innovation labs

Establishing a dedicated innovation lab focused on cyber security can help organisations stay ahead of the curve and develop cutting-edge solutions that differentiate them from competitors

6. Collaborate with cybersecurity startups

Partnering with innovative startups in the cybersecurity space can help organisations bring new ideas and technologies to market faster, while also providing opportunities for investment and growth.

7. Incorporate cybersecurity into corporate social responsibility initiatives

Cybersecurity can be a key part of corporate social responsibility efforts, such as protecting human rights online or promoting digital literacy.

8. Develop cybersecurity focused partnerships

Building partnerships with other organisations in the cybersecurity space, such as information sharing alliances or collaborative threat intelligence initiatives, can help strengthen cyber security posture and build industry relationships.

9. Use cybersecurity as a selling point for M&A activities

Cybersecurity due diligence is increasingly important in M&A activities, and a strong cybersecurity posture can make an organisation more attractive to potential buyers or partners.

10. You cybersecurity as a tool for talent retention and recruitment

Building a strong cybersecurity culture can help attract and retain top talent, who are increasingly concerned about security and privacy issues.

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