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Self reporting to the SRA

If you are regulated by the SRA you have a duty to report serious financial difficulty, actions taken against you by another regulator and all serious misconduct. COLPs and COFAs have additional requirements to report.

Since the introduction of outcomes-focused regulation, the number of self reports and reports made by solicitors about other solicitors increased dramatically. Failure to self report will be treated as prima facie evidence of dishonest behaviour.

Who should self report?

Solicitors and their employees, registered European lawyers and their employees, registered foreign lawyers, recognised bodies and their managers and employees and licensed bodies and their managers and employees.

What should you report?

You must self report all serious misconduct and that includes convictions for motoring offences and cautions. Police can only issue a caution if there is evidence that you are guilty of an offence and if you admit that you committed the offence. In accepting a caution for any offence you are making an admission of guilt.

The duty to report serious misconduct extends beyond your working life to your home life and any activity you engage in.

You must also report serious financial difficulty either as an individual or a firm.

When should you self report?

You should make any self report promptly.

How to self report

You can self report by using the standard form available on the SRA website or by emailing the SRA: If the misconduct concerns a client matter you should obtain your client’s consent before disclosing any confidential information.

What will happen next?

If you are contemplating making a self report, we have the experience and expertise to help you decide whether to go ahead. We can also advise on presentation and what information you will need to provide.

It is likely that your self report will trigger an investigation and in the most serious cases the possibility of an intervention. If you seek assistance early it can make all the difference to the outcome.

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Get help

Contact us for expert guidance and support on any solicitors regulation issues.

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